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Bring your own design with you or chose from the huge selection of tattoo designs that we have available for our customers, including all styles such as Tribal, Japanese, Celtic, new school and of course traditional. All designs can be altered to allow for individual requirements such as size, colour, addition or subtraction of certain elements.


Consider and select your design and its location with great care, as you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Always discuss with us the look that you require such as colour, size, placement etc. However some leeway is better allowed for the artistic aspects of your design to be left to the experience of the tattoo artist to achieve the best results possible.


Remove the tattoo covering after 2 to 3 hours and then Wash with mild warm soapy water and pat very gently dry. Apply a light coating of Bepanthen Ointment (available from any supermarket or pharmacy) if Bepanthen is really not available Vasaline or Savlon may be used but Bepanthen is far better so please use it if at all possible as the results are worth it for the very small costs involved. Continue to do this at least two to three times daily more if the tattoo is in a high rub or movement area until the tattoo is completely healed or all scabbing has gone usually 7 to 10 days. It is also a good idea to cover the tattoo for the first night with cling-film after applying the Bepanthen to prevent sticking to bedding, never cover with anything absorbent though. Do Not rub or scratch and definitely do not pick the tattoo. Avoid sunbathing, swimming, saunas, sun beds and soaking in the bath. Call us always if you have any questions.


The ancient Egyptians were the first recorded civilisation to decorate the body with tattoos The tattoos on hips, chest and arms were considered erotic, also facial work and certain designs were used to express fertility, sexuality and of course love.

Today tattoos are worn body wide to express all manner of things from devotion to a football team, love of family or just good old freedom of expression and individuality.

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