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300 High Street, Rochester

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About Us

Andy Jay Tattoo Studios is a family run studio that can trace its roots back in the Medway towns over 65 years. Mike now runs the studio along with his wife Karen since Andy himself retired at 65 years of age in September of 2010. Mike is Andy's son in law and has been working in the studios with Andy since the early nineties, carrying out all of the piercing operation as well as learning to tattoo up till 1997 when he became fully qualified to tattoo in his own right. Until that time Andy had been tattooing in Rochester since 1975 having started a couple of years before that with his father-in-law Charlie Bell. Charlie was a world famous tattooist in Chatham, making his name through the many service personnel who came through his doors when Chatham was a navel base and was full of Sailors, Marines and Soldiers. These were really busy times as Charlie was the only tattooist for miles around as tattooists were few and far between. Andy learnt his tattooing in these hectic times often working into the early hours of the morning to get through the constant stream of customers.

Charlie took over the business in 1955 from his father (who was also known as Charlie Bell) who ran an amusement arcade as well as tattooing during the war years until he became unwell and passed the business on to young Charlie.

When Charlie and Andy started tattooing the styles of tattooing were very different from those that we see today. Both Charlie and Andy developed their art through all the different styles that have been popular throughout the years and as such there is not much that there experience did not cover; from Traditional through Celtic, Tribal, Grey Work, Flower Designs, Cartoons or Abstract as such there is not much that the studios experience cannot cover.

Nowadays many people bring in their own designs and we are more then happy to accommodate them (It's always nice to see something new). All design types are also available from a huge choice from within the studio.

One of the most important advances in the business has been the addition of the Body Piercing to the studio, which is also carried out by Mike continuing the family tradition. Mike came into the business in the early 90's after learning piercing with the aid of Wildcat in Brighton and Andy Brown of Pegasus piercing in Suffolk, as well as being able to put to great use his prior medical training. Mike has since advanced the business to encompass all types of piercing from basic ear piercing to the more intricate styles including Tragus, Rook, Conch and Scaffolds. Madonna, Navel and Tongues are all available. Mike also carries out the more intimate types of male and female piercing and has recently added the latest Micro Dermal and Skin Diver piercing to his range.